Curriculum Vitae

About Me

I am a 22-year-old student from Bulgaria, currently studying in Sweden (Gotland University). One day, when I was 9 years old, I decided that I wanted to make video games, so when I was 11, I gave programming a shot. More than 10 years have passed and my goal has not changed. My childhood dream continues to be the driving force behind my passion to make great content.

Over the years I've acquired a lot of programmatic skills, whether they were self-taught or brought to light thanks to really patient people. If it wasn't for Garry's Mod, I don't think I would have gotten where I am today - It helped me take my first steps into scripting. Even outside of programming, I strive to improve in any area I can and do my best to adapt to new situations as quickly as possible. I am proficient in English (with an IELTS of 8.5/9) and, for better or for worse, I've become something of a perfectionist.

Languages in which I am skilled:

Lua, C#, C++

Languages which I have some experience with:

Java, JavaScript, SQL, UnrealScript


Some of my previous projects

Get Meckt


Call of Duty - Weapon mimicing

XCOM 2 - Body Expertise

Skyrim - Perk menu (inspired)

Programmable Jump Pad